MultiRPG Game Commands


/msg multirpg REGISTER <char name> <password> <char class>
Where 'char name' can be up to 16 chars long, 'password' can be any number of characters, and 'char class' can be up to 30 chars.

Logging In

/msg multirpg LOGIN <char name> <password>

Logging Out

/msg multirpg LOGOUT
This is a p20 command.

Changing Your Password

/msg multirpg NEWPASS <new password>
If you have forgotten your password, find an online admin to help you.

Removing Your Account

/msg multirpg REMOVEME

Changing Your Alignment

/msg multirpg ALIGN <priest|human|undead>
Your alignment can affect certain aspects of the game. You may align with priest, human, or undead. 'Priest' users have a 10% boost to their item sum for battles, and a 1/12 chance each day that they, along with a 'priest' friend, will have the light of their god shine upon them, accelerating them 5-12% toward their next level. 'Undead' users have a 10% detriment to their item sum for battles (ever forsaken in their time of most need), but have a 1/8 chance each day that they will either a) attempt to steal an item from a 'priest' user (whom they cannot help but hate) or b) be forsaken (for 1-5% of their TTL) by their evil god. After all, we all know that crime doesn't pay. Also, 'priest' users have only a 1/50 chance of landing a Critical Strike when battling, while 'undead' users (who always fight dirty) have a 1/20 chance. Human users haven't had anything changed, and all users start off as neutral.

Set your personal avatar

/msg multirpg avatar <URL>
Set a picture of you as avatar for your character.
NOTE: Image size is reduced to 300x300.

Set your name

/msg multirpg realname <Name>
Try to use only your small name.

Set your age

/msg multirpg age <your age>

Set your gender

/msg multirpg sex <Male|Female>

Set your location

/msg multirpg location <City|Country|Continent>

Set your contact e-mail address

/msg multirpg email <>

Summon/Unsummon a Hero

/msg multirpg summon hero
/msg multirpg unsummon hero
The summon command will summon a Hero for 1000 gold to help you in your battles by increasing your power by 2% once you reach level 15.
The unsummon command will remove your Hero, and give you 500 gold back. This is generally not a very good idea =)

Hero Upgrade

/msg multirpg hero level
Your hero starts with a 2% boost to your sum. Upgrading your hero will increase that boost by 1% per level.
You can upgrade the hero to level 9, for a maximum increase of 11% to your sum.
Hero upgrade is available at level 15, and each upgrade costs 200 gold.

Hire/Fire an Engineer

/msg multirpg hire engineer
The hire command will hire an engineer for 1000 gold to increase your scavenging skills by 2% when finding items once you reach level 15.
For each item you find, if it isn't as good as what you already have, your engineer will be able to take some points from it, and apply it to your own items.
The amount an engineer can get out of an item is his skill percentage times the item. A fully-leveled engineer (11%) will get 11 points from a level 100 item.
An engineer can scavenge up to 5 points per percent of skill, so a fully-leveled engineer (11%) can upgrade you a maximum of 55 points per found item.
/msg multirpg fire engineer
The fire command will remove your engineer, and give you 500 gold back. There is probably no reason you would do this.

Engineer Upgrade

/msg multirpg engineer level
Your engineer starts with a standard 2% scavenging skill. Upgrading your engineer will increase the skill by 1%.
You can upgrade the engineer to level 9, for a maximum increase of 11% to your scavenging skill.
Engineer upgrade is available at level 15, and each upgrade costs 200 gold.

Buy items from the shop

/msg multirpg buy <item> <level>
Once you reach level 15, you can buy items with sum equal to twice your level.
<item> - is replaced with one of the following: amulet, boots, charm, gloves, helm, leggings, ring, shield, tunic, weapon.
<level> - is the sum you want to have on a certain <item>.
Note: <level> maximum is 2 * your level, and the price for an item is 3 gold for each level you buy.
(For example, a level 20 player could do this: /msg multirpg buy weapon 40 and it would cost 120 gold. Note: When you do this, your old item is lost completely.

Item Upgrade

/msg multirpg upgrade <item type> <upgrade points>
/msg multirpg upgrade all <upgrade points>
Once you get to level 15, you can upgrade your items as much as you want, limited only by your supply of gold.
Every upgrade point costs 20 gold pieces. For example, a player with 200 gold can upgrade a maximum of 10 (200 / 20 = 10) points, distributed any way they want: 2 points each to 5 items, all 10 to one item, or 1 point to all using the upgrade all command.

BET on a fight

/msg multirpg bet <player to win> <player to lose> <gold to bet>
Once you reach level 30, you can bet on fights in the arena. You can do this 5 times per each level.
You pay up to 100 gold to place a bet on the players. If your player wins, you win double the money you placed.
Players must be level 30 or above to be part of a bet fight.
You can't make your chosen winner attack someone who is a lower level.


/msg multirpg challenge
Once you reach level 35, you can challenge other online players every 3 hours.
You will be randomly matched against everyone from level 0 to 10 levels above yourself.

Status for Attack, Challenge, and Slay commands

/msg multirpg stats
This command will show you how much time you have left until you can Attack, Challenge, and Slay, if your level is high enough.

Attack a creep

/msg multirpg attack <creep>
Once you reach level 10, you can begin attacking monsters.

Slay a monster

/msg multirpg slay <monster>
Once you reach level 40, you can begin slaying these monsters:
NameSum Range
· Medusa:1000 - 5000
· Centaur:1000 - 6000
· Mammoth:1000 - 7000
· Vampire:1000 - 8000
· Dragon:1000 - 9000
· Sphinx:1000 - 10000
· Hippogriff:1000 - 11000


/msg multirpg buy power
/msg multirpg buy luck
Power potions increase your sum 10%, and cost 400 gold.
Luck potions increase your roll randomly between 5% and 10%, and cost 400 gold.
Potions in your inventory will be used if loaded. You automatically load potions by default.

/msg multirpg load power <x>
/msg multirpg load luck <x>
Loading a potion will make it available for use. You can load as many potions as you own.
Each time you fight (except in tournaments), one loaded potion will be consumed.
This command disables the default behavior of automatically using available potions.
You can restore the default behavior by loading 'all'.
To not use any potions, load '0' of them.

Buy experience

/msg multirpg buy experience
You can buy "experience" for 500 gold. It will remove 10% of the time to your next level.

Fight another player

/msg multirpg fight <player>
Once you reach level 10, you can fight other online players 5 times each level. They must be at least the same level as yourself.

Buy popcorn and watch something scary

/msg multirpg buy popcorn
To ease up the stress, you can pay 400 gold and make something bad happen to a random player.
You can buy popcorn five times per level.


To gain levels, you must only be logged in and idle. The time to the next level is 600*(1.16^YOUR_LEVEL) seconds for characters under level 60.
Levels above 60 add 1 more day to the level 60 calculation.

Checking the Active Quest

/msg multirpg quest
This will show you the active quest, its users, and its time left to complete.

Checking Online Status (random)

/msg multirpg whoami
This will show you if you are online, and also some of your stats.

/msg multirpg status <character>

This will show online status for other players. If you don't set any character it will show your status.


/msg multirpg bank
This will show you how much gold you have in the bank.

/msg multirpg bank deposit <gold>

This will deposit your gold into the bank.

/msg multirpg bank withdraw <gold>

This will withdraw your gold from the bank.


Randomly, two teams with at least 2 online people will be chosen to fight each other.
Not all of the players may be chosen to be in the fight, both teams will fight with the same amount of players.
Each online member of the teams (not just those who actively battled) will receive a reward if their team won, and a penalty if their team lost.

/msg multirpg team
This will show you the team commands you can use, and your team status.