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Multiple Network IdleRPG (MultiRPG) Wiki

IdleRPG is an IRC game. Its original version's home page is at

Multirpg is a descendant of the original IdleRPG game.

MultiRPG Website

MultiRPG Forums

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Network list

  • AyoChat, Bosver, ChatLounge, DALnet, EFnet, Freenode, GameSurge, IRC4Fun, IrcFreakz,
  • Koach, Libera, Netgamers, OpenRPG, PlunkNet, QuakeNet, Rizon, ScaryNet,
  • SkyChatz, Techtronix, Undernet, UniversalNet, Virtulus and ZAIRC

Request network

In order to request a setup of the game on your network you need to do the following:

  • Type In the Summary - "Network Request" and the name of the network
  • Type in the Description the details below:
  • Make sure you specify at least the following information in there:
    • Type of servers
    • Type of services
    • Network homepage
    • The irc round robin adress to use to connect to the network
    • The amount of expected players that will be playing the game on your network

Requests will be reviewed and processed as soon as possible.


The To-Do list and changelog have moved to a real ticketing system.

Wiki Account

Due to spambot abuse, only wiki admins can create new accounts.

Please contact one of them on the game help channel if you need an account to edit pages on this wiki.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


If you would like to help pay for the dedicated server hosting the game, click here to send me some cash via PayPal.

There have been 7 donations for a total of $51.28 USD