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Topic: rawplayers3.php Regex

Ok, so I've seen a few ppl wanting this, so I'm posting it here. It's the regex I use when parsing data from rawplayers3.php:

^(rank (\d+) char ([^\x20]+) network ([^\x20]+) userhost ([^\x20]+) level (\d+) created (\d+) lastlogin (\d+) online (0|1) sex (male|female|not_set) class \{([^\}]+)\} team \d+ ttl (\d+) regentm (\d+) challengetm (\d+) slaytm (\d+) idled (\d+) x_pos (\d+) y_pos (\d+) sum (\d+) amulet ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) charm ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) helm ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) boots ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) gloves ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) ring ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) leggings ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) shield ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) tunic ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) weapon ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) align ([neg]) alignchanged (0|1) powerpots (\d+) luckpots (\d+) fights ([0-5]) bets ([0-5]) bwon (\d+) blost (\d+) badd (\d+) bminus (\d+) hero (0|1) hlevel (\d+) engineer (0|1) englevel (\d+) gold (-?\d+) bank (\d+) pen_mesg (\d+) pen_nick (\d+) pen_part (\d+) pen_kick (\d+) pen_quit (\d+) pen_quest (\d+) pen_logout (\d+))$

fixed sum, and pre/subfixed items

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