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Topic: UnrealIRCd nolag and GameBot set up

If you're running the current game platform on your network, and run UnrealIRCd, then you'll want to add these to your IRCd and services.*

For the IRCd, we'll start by adding a classblock.
class::sendq - How much data in bytes the server can send to the client at a time.
class::recvq - How much data in bytes the client can send to the server at a time (flood control).

class           gamebot
    pingfreq 90;
    maxclients 10;
    sendq 100000;
    recvq 150000;

Next, an allowblock.

allow {
    ip               *@;
    hostname    *@bhs-01.gerdesas.com;
    class           gamebot;
    maxperip 10;

I've added just one block here, depending on what bot is connecting to your network. You could also include MingBeast in an additional allow block.

Next, you want add the throttle exempt. To do this, add the following

except throttle {
        mask *@;

Here, I've only added *.gerdesas.com. This can be edited to be specific to the bot you have connecting, for gamebot and MingBeast.

Now your bot will be able to avoid the normal queue and send text through the game channel hopefully much quicker.

For overkill, there is the os_flood module for Anope services.* - You can add this as extra, if you run Anope and want more options. This file has been added as an attachment and is available for download.
This allows opers to temporarily exempt users from fake lag (they can exceed queue limits). It is removed when the user quits.

Syntax: /operserv flood nickname

Any question(s), find me online or post here.

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