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Topic: Creature fight gambling

Here's the first of many ideas:

Being able to bet on "Creature Fights"

How it works:

  1. A few hours before the event, it is announced that the "Ring" will open in Xhrs, and for users to place their bets.

  2. Two "creatures" are selected(In which, will have their own stats for players to look at and make their betting decisions)

  3. The two "creatures" that were selected then fight.

  4. Winning bets get payed with odds, So if 75gp is in the pot for A to win, and 25gp for B and B wins, the players that bet on B should get 3:1 returns

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Re: Creature fight gambling

Yes, would be neat to do. But why such a long time before the announcement & the actual fite? When tourneys happen they are announced just before they start. What if there's an hours time between the announcement and the actual fight? What if there's a set time that these fights occur? Say every three hours or something like that. This way, ppl that are able to bet will be able too, as the time for betting/fighting is always set. Just my two cents worth...

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