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It warms my heart that you guys have taken my old code and ran with it. It's been about six years now and I can't believe how much you've improved on what I had. You're the man Russ!



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This fix has been incorporated, thanks dude!


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^^ fixes
Should address the above error, and a bug that made you try to fight and bet twice in a row



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I have attempted to add these features, but as these mostly deal with random occurances, I haven't been able to test them all yet, so. Plz test! Every interval, the bot should check if youre online, and if not, login; it will check if you can fight or bet, and if so do it. And I also added a condition that will hopefully fix the partial data problem, but idk.



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Sorry! bestfight broke again due to a bug on line 185 (now on 187). Fixed now, plus added a feature made to buy item. Currently buys all level 30 items as soon as you have 900 gols and are over lvl 15, unless sum is already over 300.


Lemme know if u have any other modifications or suggestions. Thanks!


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^^ hacked to fix issue

@RussellB, if you have time to discover a bug, why not take a whack at patching it?


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Heres a small update with new code to adjust sums based on alignment and hero statuses.



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^^^ This is very true.
Although, I thought I was calculating fights correctly, since I virtually always arrive at the same results as Elfstar

I am very new to this game, and do not know all optimum strategies.
I do not know exactly how heroes and alignments affect fights, so I did ignore them.
I was just creating this bot as an interesting project to help me learn Python.
This code is not complete, it is more of a jumping-off point for anyone who might be interested in taking it further.
As such, I do not plan on giving any further support.

However, if you folks can give me any in depth info on improvements, I would be interested in attempting to implement them.

This code is hereby released under the WTFPL, do whatever u want with it.
And thanks for trying it out!


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Hello again.
"/login name password" is the correct command to start the script.
I have so far tested only with Python 2.7.2+
It would be helpful if you could paste the error message somewhere.
Thank you,


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First off, thanks for testing!

It is likely that this issue is happening because MacOS often comes with an older version of python installed.
In Python 2.6, I believe, the exception syntax was altered to use the keyword "as"

This issue can be easily resolved by editing the source at line 123.
Simply replace the word "as" with a single comma.

EDIT: Changed code, link. reDL if you wish.

Thanks again, and sorry for any inconvenience.


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Well, call me crazy, but it looks like my attachment failed again.
Let me know of any preferred method of distribution.

EDIT: For now, you may download from TinyUpload.com


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Hello again.
Going to try one more time to attach the file here,
I'm open to any advice if this doesn't work again.

Just a reminder, this is not a finished product.
Any and all suggestions and improvements are welcomed,
however, I am not a professional programmer or even
that great with python, so do not expect improvements
to be made in any timely manner.

On the other hand, I am releasing this script as public domain,
and waive any rights to it. So feel free to tweak it however
you wish.