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Ahh! Thank you for the info.

By the way, I tried it in a znc bouncer but it seems znc has a different way of loading python modules, which I can't understand a thing. Their wiki on that is: http://wiki.znc.in/Modpython

I'll use it in hexchat for now ^_^ Thank you again!


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I'm getting this error in Python 3.5.7 if I load it via HexChat or IDLE.

[03:30:11]    File "<string>", line 277
[03:30:11]      except urllib2.URLError, detail:
[03:30:11]                             ^
[03:30:11]  SyntaxError: invalid syntax
[03:30:11]  Error loading module

Tried 7.5 and 7.4.

Windows 7
HexChat 2.12.3
Python 3.5.7
multi 7.5 and 7.4