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    A web-accessible page containing connection details for current networks in which the game is on

  Each server's details are to be on their own line, formatted as such:
    Network ServerAddress ServerPort GameChan DiscussChan BotNick

  For networks which have multiple server addresses, a line for each server is to be erected.
    It is up to the script to determine which networks have multiple addresses, via the network name.

    Network name as it appears in /rawplayers3.php

    The IRC server the bot connects to for the specified network

    The IRC server port the bot uses to connect.
    This may be a list of multiple ports seperated by a comma.

    Game channel

    Discussion channel

    Current nickname of bot for network


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gnat wrote:

You have to do $mybestfight(character) or $mybestfight

Ill fix that in a bit


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Delivered as prmised... only took me a year or so >.>

A New, and stable, release of the simple play script has been uploaded.

Major Changes from v0.92 to v0.93b:
- Added ServerXMLHttpRequest as top priority of http objects to use. This should stop the caching of rawplayers3
- Fixed: Best Fight entering endless loop due to being on same team
- Fixed: Best Bet breaking once a player reaches level 100
- Fixed: After withdrawing money, then spending it, the script would continiously try to redeposit the money.
- Various changes to the vbscript.
- Fixed: "/If Ambiguous Format"

Korhojoa, I've purposely left out the entire shop part of this. Different people have different ideas for what they want their character to do with it's gold. With fighting, betting, etc, everyone wants generally the same thing: "Get the most time off", "Make the most gold", etc. This is easily done, where as with shop, some people might want to upgrade their lowest piece of equip, others, a certain few pieces while leaving the others alone. Some want potions for "this" others don't want to fiddle with potions at all and would rather upgrade their items.

Do you see what I'm saying? To encompass every aspect of what a user wants to do with his gold would take a script larger than mIRC itself.

With that said, I might add support of hiring & leveling heros/engineers, but if I do that will be the only gold spending aspect I'll deal with.

Ok thank you. Will fix that as soon as I can smile


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I edited your first post to be the code from your second. That way there's no confusion smile


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It's based on your lvl against the creeps lvl

$1 = Your Modified sum as explained above.

alias -l mRPG:Monsters {

  ;-- if your modified sum is greater than or equal to 6000, return hippogriff
  if (6000 <= $1) { return Hippogriff }

  ;-- if your modified sum is greater than or equal to 5000(5000-5999), return sphinx
  if (5000 <= $1) { return Sphinx }

  ;-- if your modified sum is greater than or equal to 4500(4500-4999), return dragon
  if (4500 <= $1) { return Dragon }

  ;-- if your modified sum is greater than or equal to 4000(4000-4499), return vampire
  if (4000 <= $1) { return Vampire }

  ;-- if your modified sum is greater than or equal to 3500(3500-4000), return mammoth
  if (3500 <= $1) { return Mammoth }

  ;-- if your modified sum is greater than or equal to 3000(3000-3499), return Centaur
  if (3000 <= $1) { return Centaur }

  ;-- if your modified sum is less than 3000, return medusa
  return Medusa

The script takes into account your current sum(Sum), if you have a hero(Hmod), and your alignment(Amod) to come up with this formula for your modified sum:
MSum = Sum*Hmod*Amod

I tweeked the slay monsters' sum(MonS), to give you roughly a 75%(? maybe 50%) chance to slay them, then each time you can slay I compare your MSum to each monsters' MonS and find the monster with a MonS closest to your MSum without going over your MSum.


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So instead of using a teleport command, maybe a /msg bot Move xPos yPos
and, like a quest, your character will move to that location


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The only problem I can forsee is users(such as I) could just download the map, and look for dot colors for unique items and the such. IDK about everyone else, but I know how the map relates to a players x,y so it wouldn't be to hard to figure out where items are on the map

A New, and stable, release of the simple play script has been uploaded.

Major changes from v0.90 to v0.92:
- Changed to work with the new format of rawplayers3.php
- Changed amount of gold to carry from 20gp to 40gp
- Bestbet is now calculated from within the vbscript(Faster than having mIRC calculate it)
- Re-added the players' stats dialog.
- New Commands Added: /mRPGList, /mRPGStats, /mRPGReset, /mRPGOff
- /mRPGReset now completely resets the script.
- /mRPGOff now unsets, removes, stops all functions of the script
- Can now specify a character with /mRPGStats

As I said on IRC. If I'm going to publicly release code I'm going to make sure it works and make sure it works completely. It reflects bad on me if I say "just go get my ...." and it not do wht I say it does.

I fixed the bets and changed the "save directory" to mIRC's appdata folder.

Ok, I updated it once again. and now you can download the script instead of copying and pasting! From now on I will be uploading the script as a .mrc for download. while keeping the others uploaded incase someone wants an earlier version

I'm trying to fix it now smile

The script at the top, is now the multi-character playscript and it's been edited to work with the new format of rawplayers3.php


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Ok, so I've seen a few ppl wanting this, so I'm posting it here. It's the regex I use when parsing data from rawplayers3.php:

^(rank (\d+) char ([^\x20]+) network ([^\x20]+) userhost ([^\x20]+) level (\d+) created (\d+) lastlogin (\d+) online (0|1) sex (male|female|not_set) class \{([^\}]+)\} team \d+ ttl (\d+) regentm (\d+) challengetm (\d+) slaytm (\d+) idled (\d+) x_pos (\d+) y_pos (\d+) sum (\d+) amulet ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) charm ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) helm ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) boots ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) gloves ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) ring ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) leggings ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) shield ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) tunic ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) weapon ([a-z]?\d+[a-z]?) align ([neg]) alignchanged (0|1) powerpots (\d+) luckpots (\d+) fights ([0-5]) bets ([0-5]) bwon (\d+) blost (\d+) badd (\d+) bminus (\d+) hero (0|1) hlevel (\d+) engineer (0|1) englevel (\d+) gold (-?\d+) bank (\d+) pen_mesg (\d+) pen_nick (\d+) pen_part (\d+) pen_kick (\d+) pen_quit (\d+) pen_quest (\d+) pen_logout (\d+))$

fixed sum, and pre/subfixed items


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simple wrote:

This is now obsolete. I'll have to update the webpages and post something new here soonly.

If you get me the stats I'll write the html for ya, and get an SS posted for the users


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Would be nice if there was a team tournament big_smile


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The accounts are deleted if they haven't been logged into within the last 30 days. But it's a manual command, and is done at the end of the game or right before the start of a new one

I fixed the bestbet bug. (Forgot to have it return bestbet if it needed to be found tongue)


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The lag on some networks is getting ridiculous so I suggest ignoring those users that hammer out commands for 5minutes if you get more than 5cmds in 20 seconds. (That's a command every 4 seconds...)

[Updated script now moved to top of thread]