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(Also see the Change Log)

  • simple's list
    • Group battles have unequal sided players..Timber, TestRuss, Neico, CountZero, BeeGar, BLUE_ICE, and Rekoj [89816/153502] have group battled Airbus, stoner, Ethics-Gradient, mixFMup, Louise_Valliere, Spiralix, Zoey, and `Voodoo [176510/187431] and lost! 0 days, 00:26:43 is added to their clocks. (1 side has 1 extra)
    • Check maths on random challenge after Top 5 players is displayed in channel (maths may be off too many hit 99/10% drops ratio, this has been a problem for MANY games now)
    • Create a player command to reset their own character to 0
    • Fix Mingbeast's advertisements on WebGamesNet (chan is #multirpg but bot is idlerpg)
    • Create a or whatnot from another server that proxies pages for alternate routing issues
    • Create an overall tourney page that aggregates all tourney wins/runner-ups
    • Finish upgrading tournament pages to perl instead of php.
    • If anyone abuses alignment changes, they then have their alignments limited to 1 per hour.
    • Finish converting Miau BNCs to a single znc instance.
    • Get rid of engineer, but allow chars to become either an engineer or merchant (add sum or gold from found items)
    • Be able to steal from offline characters - they won't miss it, and serves them right for being offline!
    • Fix up/optimize/modularize quest movements in sub moveplayers(), there is duplicate code.
    • Modularize the 'top 5' code into a single sub.
    • Update status output to indicate if you are in a quest.
    • Add a new db table containing characters that got deleted. Write a page to see them.
    • Add a new db table containing network configs. Currently hardcoded into multinet code module.
    • Write an automatic 'delete chars not seen in 30 days' subroutine. Post on website that chars not seen in 30 days will be pruned.
    • Code in an admin 'forcelogon' feature.
    • Code in admin network commands: add, remove, disconnect, reconnect, disable, enable.
    • Make challenge timers increase by 10 minutes if characters try to challenge when they still have over 10 minutes remaining on their challenge timer.
    • Make fight timers increase by 10 minutes if characters try to fight when they still have over 10 minutes remaining on their fight timers.
    • Make a END Boss every 5 levels, 2 times your level and pays say 2-3 times what a regular monster slay would for your level/sum
    • If you are in a quest, you can't be in the next 2 quests

  • SReject's Suggestions
    • Trim the fat. There are alot of two part messages that can/should be on one line.
      "Nick found item", "Engineer upgraded Item"
      "NickA placed a bet", "NickB fought NickC and NickA gets gold"
      "Nick killed a creep", "he finds XXX gold"
      "Nick killed a monster", "he finds XXX gold"
      Any and all good/bad things that happen during a fight between players; IE: critical strike, level drop, etc.
    • There should be a stiff(er) penalty for those that quit while on a quest just because they don't want to be on it. Something that not only effects their TTL, but maybe their items and/or level.
    • The top player should be able to fight the next weakest level in which there is a character for if there is no character at the same level as him/her.
    • Players changing nicks to the name of their characters should not be penalized. Many times a user gets disconnected, and uses an alternative nick while waiting for the server to ping-out the other connection.

  • Fl00k
      • Remove random time off in tournament wins, same people get 50% off or max time off repeatedly, and others get minimums repeatedly (it picks favorites much in the same way the same people get picked for tourneys and others don't) make time off the same no matter what, no more "random" time off.
      • Ignore users that hammer out bet, upgrade, fight etc commands, some players hammer out 15-20 commands within a few seconds.(3 strike rule increasing the ignore time with each. 4th ignore being 24 hours
      • Limit the number of chars any one person can start, quit, restart, some players are taking advantage of new chars (aligned undead) having a better chance of stealing from good aligned players, once they reach a certain point they start a new char and do it all over again. Maybe adding the 10 level separation limit for stealing like item drops will curb this flaw and detour people from doing this...
    • Suggestions
      • Have another form of engineer, (bard or squire or whatever the name may be that can convert items found to gold instead of item sum.) to prevent certain items from being upgraded more than others.

  • RussellB's suggestions
    • Have a chance of stealing gold from other players after winning a fight or manual challenge. Fl00k edit:(if a player has no gold the amount taken would be what would have been taken from the other player) to keep ppl with 0 gold benefiting and having nothing taken. :)

  • Binkey's suggestions
    • Stat. Show the wins vs losses head to head vs the other characters.

  • Thermaltake's suggestions
    • Allow betting on a tournament by those not included in that tourney.

  • Assassin's suggestons
    • Add some functionality to "unique" items (and make them harder to find). Either by having "sets" of uniques that when equipped give a big bonus (like +50% sum) or by having each item give a smaller bonus (for example the "Puncture of the Tarasque" ring could give a +10% gold after each kill)